Crewed Yacht Charter. by Barrington-Hall welcomes you to a world of sailing, on Power Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans. We offer yacht charters from the Caribbean, the Bahamas to Greece and Mediterranean. Whatever your sailing needs you will find it here on Enjoy a crewed yacht charter with us today.
Here are some reasons why guests need a good broker. Why you need the very best yacht broker for your private yacht vacation? A great broker costs you nothing. A broker is paid by the yacht owner so the good old broker is not biased to any yacht, but it is a broker's job to visit boat shows worldwide to meet crew and inspect all yacht, thus giving a broker magnificent knowledge of all the yachts and all their captain and crew teams. Barrington-Hall is North America's 3rd largest independent booking broker When guests call and ask us to charter we listen carefully to their requests, then we offer them 2-3 of the best yachts available. It is most advisable to work with one broker, because all brokers have the same rates and the same yachts. Playing one broker off of the other always ends in problems for the client. KNOWLEDGE of the location of your choice and its surrounding Islands. We do not know of any other yacht charter broker who also has 5 years experience as the captain of a charter yacht.
We know the islands better than all other agents, we simply know you will have smarter information to enhance your adventure. We know what day of each month is better for you and why. The Average broker will suggest any time, day and month for your charter. NOT US at Barrington Hall Yacht Charters. We know what days and months are the perfect time for your Caribbean yacht charter. PROTECTING OUR CLIENTS Different Terms and Conditions.
A fair contract is imperative, covering your contract with insurance is a must, we have 2 ways to do this. For your protection, It is vital you deal with the best broker in our industry.

The Yacht Charter industry is determined by each individual yacht preferences. Some yachts have all-inclusive rates, others have small items not included and others ask for 30% expenses to be added to the base rate of the yacht. Various contracts cover various locations in the world, it is the wise broker who knows exactly how to deal with different contracts at the same time keeping "YOU" the client protected. Insurance Many yacht charter vacations are booked months in advance and as such insuring your expensive vacation is a smart and financially sound move. We will provide you with the details on insuring your trip as well as different insurance agents if you are not sure of any in your area. WHOLESALE airline rates for all our guests. Sometimes the most difficult and time consuming part of a yacht charter vacation is acquiring your airline seats as well as affordable rates. We can assist you in this regard.<
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