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Spring in the Caribbean
Quality Spring details are that special    
  ingredient which make a grand vacation.  
  "Magnificent !"

The best time of each year in the Caribbean is Spring! 

May, June, July and even August.

It "costs less" during Spring, but it is the quality of these months that many folk miss, these months are ELECTRIC under the water and ELECTRIC above the water!  The explosion of little silver bullets, called minnows, has occurred.  These little silver bullets are the low end of the food chain and bigger fish eat them.  There are thousands of individual shoals all over the place scattering from here to there, swimming frantically making sure that they  are not eaten. All are fighting for survival,  looking for that hideaway coral cove, this creates so much more Spring Action underwater.  

Above the water the same thing is happening, all the gulls from Argentina have flown up to the Caribbean to nest and have their young, they return to Argentina in September.  April 7, each year marks the arrival of all the hooded gulls.  Imagine the white long tailed tropical tern, many pelicans, countless sea-gulls all fighting for their piece of the food chain.  Flocks of pelicans flying in order slowly prepare to dive bomb these terrified shoals in order, rat-tat-tat-rat-tat.  I have personally counted 53 pelicans flying in formation and then diving in formation, into the shoals of silver bullets.  Their mission complete within 4 seconds, they repeat it again.  It is eerie during the winter when there are no birds in the Caribbean, there seems to be no fun happening.  However the whales arrive in December.  Memories of our Caribbean sailing vacation are of Spring and during the full moon.  This is not a resort, this is adventure in paradise! You do not have to die, to go to heaven! 

August has another phenomenon  and that is the coral spawning on August 14/15 which happens only at night just after dark.  This is more for scuba divers, but it is information of interest about how the coral spreads its life form across the world. Now you have the choice to make smarter decisions.

"Couples who have fun together, stay together. 
Quality details make all the difference!"

Memories of our Caribbean sailing vacation are Gorgeous blue lagoons, buccaneer's pirates, star gazing, captain and crews, coconut palms, trade winds, islands in the sun, barefeet, love, swimming, power boats during Spring and the full moon. 

Success is earned the good old fashioned way , by smart unrivaled attention to your budget and the value you get!

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