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Nothing is written in stone; these are all ideas for you to gather for your adventure. It is you who make your own custom itinerary, so gather as much information from your broker as possible.

Once you are on board your yacht you will need to discuss where you wish to go, your captain can also provide ideas, his first question to you would be, "where do you wish to go?" You can change your itinerary at anytime so this vacation is your oyster, come down and enjoy. There are no set times for anything, so let's have fun.

Nature’s Little Secret

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Arrive by air at Beef Island, Tortola, British Virgin Islands where your captain is waiting for you in his white uniform. You can walk 100 yards to your boat or take a taxi, but it is very close, so walking is fine for most people. Within 10 minutes of meeting your captain, you can be on board your yacht enjoying tropical drinks prepared by a master lady cocktail queen. All charters begin at 12 noon, normally you arrive at 1pm, so a light lunch is prepared for your group while you settle into your new luxury vessel. Once you are settled, your Captain motors slowly round to one of the world’s most magnificent islands, Marina Cay (Republic of Jose Cuervo), for the evening, one of the smallest of the Virgin Islands and my favorite Caribbean island. Marina Cay has a lovely beach restaurant under the coconut palms where you can relax and enjoy the tropical surroundings, or you can jump in the warm crystal clear tropical waters and snorkel round the small reef. Children as well as adults can water ski, kneeboard or snorkel here, but going ashore to explore this island is a big "must".

Hors d'oeuvres are served round 5 pm, the chef will bring out snacks and your favorite happy hour cocktail for all to enjoy. Take in your first gorgeous sunset while relaxing on the trampoline. After sunset, dinner is served in the main cockpit area under the stars for everyone to enjoy your first tropical calm evening in Paradise.

Pinch yourself, you are in paradise where mermaids and dolphins play


After a good morning breakfast (9.30am), a morning cruise can take you to the Baths on Virgin Gorda. This takes roughly 2 hours to sail and is most picturesque. Now you anchor at this spectacular rock formation at +-11.30am; it is here you can discover the beautiful world underwater and on land.

We anchor just short of the beach and prepare lunch while your captain takes you through the walk from the Baths into "DEVILS BAY”; take flip-flops and a swimsuit. This special walk takes about 20 minutes and is worth each step through the dense undergrowth. There is plenty time for snorkeling in this magnificent area, so a relaxing day can be spent exploring the Baths on land and Underwater. At 3pm take a short cruise up to Spanish Town and anchor out for the evening. This is where guest can go ashore and explore small local shops, then return to the yacht for dinner and a good night sleep.


Wake up in Spanish Town, VG, and meet in the cockpit, where morning coffee is waiting for you, while breakfast is served. After breakfast raise the anchor and proceed to Long Bay Virgin Gorda , relax here for the remainder of the day and evening. Spend the morning enjoying the crystal clear water and the 1 mile long foot-print free beach. There are no palm threes at this anchorage but collecting sea shells on the beach or snorkeling is divine. The view at sunset from Long Bay Virgin Gorda simply cannot be beaten it is a view 25 miles down to St Thomas where the sun sets, surrounding you (or the horizon at this point) are a multitude of tropical islands in the sun. Every night at sunset is dead calm, so enjoy Happy hour with treats and cocktails, let your mind escape into paradise. It is here on a full moon that you can see each grain of sand on the seabed 15 feet below. Supper is served in the cockpit, then amble off to sleep, those long sleeps of content.

DAY 4.
Set sail to Deep Bay Virgin Gorda and here you have selected one of the most out of the way anchorages around. This sail will take about 1 and a half hours where you drop anchor within range of the famous barrier reef. Have lunch then get your captain to take you snorkeling above the 4 sixteenth century cannons in 10 feet of water, or snorkel with your captain on the outside of the barrier reef. When snorkeling on the outside of the barrier reef you will see why it is called a barrier reef, the reef stands up from 5 feet to 40 feet and the live coral polyps face the deep blue sea where all their food comes from, this is where your see those rainbow colored fish, all the colored sponges and corals. Very few guests get to do this so make sure you are one of those few. Today has been a water sport day so squeeze in the kayaking and fishing as well. Relax at happy hour then look forward to the best cuisine on and off the island before wondering off to sleep.
From Deep Bay Virgin Gorda enjoy a swim before breakfast, then enjoy another breakfast in the yacht cockpit. Up anchor at 9.30am and do a spinnaker sail all the way down to Norman Island which is famous for the Robert Louis Stevenson's novel "Treasure Island," and today you hope to snorkel into the famous 3 pirate caves. It is the pleasant spinnaker sail which takes up most of the morning and you find yourself arriving at Treasure Island round Noon. Pick-up a buoy at the famous three caves then everyone snorkel into the caves (make sure you do all three) and return to the yacht for a hearty lunch. After lunch work around to the Bite for the night and anchor in a secluded spot to relax and explore the island for the rest of the day. Happy hour is at 5 pm again and you may wish to visit the famous Willy T which is a Brigantine pirate ship at anchor which acts as a restaurant and bar. This can be quite a lively place at night, so if it is night life you feel you need after these out of the way Blue Lagoons then the Willy T is where you need to head for this evening. Dinner is enjoyed on board under the gorgeous stars above. Relax on board before you head off to bed.
After breakfast (9.30am), a leisurely cruise to Jost Van Dyke offers ample opportunity for fishing on the way. Sandy Spit and Green Cay are all places of exceptional beauty. Just take your pick. Sandy Cay is a "must do" exploring adventure by foot, it is a short walk which commences on the beach and runs through thick coconut palms followed by thick undergrowth, this leads up to the top a a volcanic rock which is roughly 50 feet above the beach and then the path wanders back through the undergrowth to the palms and on to the beach. Take shoes, flip-flops, a camera and bug spry. This is one walk you will never forget. For the over-night stop, White Bay is secluded and quiet with only the Soggy Dollar Bar ashore; or Great Harbor is ideal for those who would like to visit the famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar. Foxy is the name given to a local gentleman who is famous for his singing. Sample his "Sly fox" or the "Dreaded fox", both made from Foxy’s firewater rum and listen to his calypso songs. Beware, you will possibly be in one of his Caribbean songs! The words Sly Fox and the Dreaded Fox are names of special drinks he has mixed over the years. These three perfect anchorages are close together so select one of them and enjoy your happy hour, followed by dinner and sleep.
After a good breakfast (9.30am), cruise to Monkey Point on Guana Island this is a long sail but a magnificent one, possibly taking 2-3 hours to do. Pick up a buoy or drop anchor and relax for the rest of the day as well as the entire night. Snorkeling is the major task at hand here or relax on your catamaran with your favorite book.
Monkey point is a wonderful anchorage with lovely protected Caribbean hills around you. You can see the head of the Guana projecting out 27 feet from the side of the hill and it looks exactly like a Guana's head. Enjoy a relaxed happy Hour followed by a great supper, with liquors to complete your meal.


After breakfast cruise round to Trellis Bay for your trip home at 12 noon.

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