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Full Moon in the Caribbean 

arrington-Hall© suggest to all our guests to try to plan your vacation during the full moon period of each month.  It is just more romantic and etches gorgeous memories that remain in your mind forever.

"IMAGINE - looking at the sea bed at 10 PM to see each grain of sand on the bottom 16 feet below ??"

The moon splashes silver across the calm surface of your lagoon illuminating the nearby islands and showing you the bottom all that way down!  Magnificent! Consider if this vacation were on your wedding night?  Sure we understand that you may have to plan around your children's school vacations, but our subject here is raising the quality of your vacation. 

Call one of our consultants to see how to do this. This is mother nature's handy man at his best.  Disney world is fantastic, but the Virgins are simply better and they are real.

Known by the captains in our industry as "Peter Pan Land!"  It's where you see nature naturally naked!

Our aim is to add quality to a great vacation, how can we do it better?

Each step has a little bit of extra added charm or quality and when we put them all together, it means that your vacation is head and shoulders better than any other vacation. Rejuvenate your life and brace yourself for "MAGIC!"

With 5 years of captaining our own luxury catamaran it has certainly given us the edge in every level of our industry. How to find those out of the way blue lagoons that other agents have no idea are there.

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