Crewed Yacht Charter. by Barrington-Hall welcomes you to a world of sailing, on Power Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans. We offer yacht charters from the Caribbean, the Bahamas to Greece and Mediterranean. Whatever your sailing needs you will find it here on Enjoy a crewed yacht charter with us today.

Normally folk try to get ideas about where, what, when and how to do their next vacation by putting out feelers. Their request varies from little to no information simply requesting brochures. Here is a new vacation and there is a new way to look at the private sailing yacht vacation, especially now with the new modern catamaran.

This is not a cruise ship where there are masses of people so the cruise-line rates can be low per person, in fact this is opposite to a cruise ship vacation. We do not mix other parties with your group and the vacation is structured by you not the captain. Your itineraries are flexible, they are not regimental like a cruise ship, you can go ashore anytime of the day or night.

The private cruise allows you the flexible freedom to spontaneously change your mind and stay an extra night at your favorite island or to change your mind to explore an uninhabited island close by. For these reasons it is wise to establish your location first, so a detailed call to our office is a wise route to take. When you think vacation? Call us, various locations are discussed at the primary stage, so that we know where we are heading. We can cover these details by e-mail but it takes so much longer to establish what your needs are. Your location is the single most important point of your entire vacation. Pick a calm protected location with many islands all within sight, with many gorgeous Blue Lagoon anchorages.
Selecting the incorrect location can spoil your entire stay and there is nothing a fine captain and crew can do to remedy this! Call us for details, worldwide. There are two locations in the Caribbean where these extra calm conditions prevail and it is to them that guests on their first outing should aim. The British Virgin Islands is the world's most protected location. The Grenadines are the second most protected location. Many of our yachts can pick you up at various destinations in the Caribbean Chain. You can be met at one point in the Grenadines and disembark at St Vincent, which would cover many small islands in that location. Most charters begin at one location and then end at that same location. Favored Locations are: The British Virgin Islands, known as "Peter Pan Land," has everything.
The Grenadines, great for your 3rd time around.
                        The Leewards. 
                        The Spanish and U.S.Virgin Islands.  Unusual
                        The San Blas Islands. Now here is something different.
                        The Mediterranean, Greece, Turkey, France, Italy.
                        The South Pacific.  Fiji.
This is a guide for your first private sailing vacation, begin at the top and work your way around the world, we have learned to crawl, then walk, then run, all the time experiencing magnificent locations. We have featured the Mediterranean because it is the cradle of civilization. Greece, Corfu, Turkey, French Riviera, Corte d' Azur, Nice, Baltic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia, Italy, Corsica, Valencia and Barcelona in Spain.

From our web page you would realize that our responsibility to you goes far beyond just the reservation process.
We are committed to serve you from inception to your next vacation.

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