Crewed Yacht Charter. by Barrington-Hall welcomes you to a world of sailing, on Power Yachts, Sailing Yachts and Catamarans. We offer yacht charters from the Caribbean, the Bahamas to Greece and Mediterranean. Whatever your sailing needs you will find it here on Enjoy a crewed yacht charter with us today.
Charter Yacht Crews
Your Captain and personal crew are the folk who are going to share the worlds most sensational locations with you. So it is vital to both you and our company, that we carefully hand pick the best teams the industry has to offer. Our Company's fine reputation pivots on making sure that your vacation is the ultimate successful experience. 

We are 100% confident of our selection and the featuring some of the top Captains and crew on our web site.  Look through our site with confidence. All Barrington-Hall Captains meet our guests at the airport on arrival in full uniform. Your captain and crew is the most important decision after the other mentioned points. 

They  are fully aware that to perform well is to be assured of further charters from Barrington-Hall.  The very life blood of our company depends on your captain and crew performing at 102% for your whole vacation and this is where they earn their gratuity.  They have the knowledge of the perfect snorkeling spots, the gorgeous out of the way hideaway lagoons, the barrier reefs, the sailing conditions, the dance spots, or steel band beach parties, and the local shopping locations. 

The captain ensures everyone's safety at all times. 

We certainly do not book every charter vessel in the industry!  Our captains and crew are selected from many hopefuls and when we offer a team for your consideration, we are proud to be associated with these folk. Our company travels worldwide to charter-boat shows annually to make sure we know all the the yachts in our industry. This also gives us a chance to refresh old acquaintances, while inspecting all the yachts. Potential guests come to us for answers and we need to have the correct current information.

Your crew normally consists of a professional captain and a personal chef, it is up to the captain to decide whether to employ a stewardess to assist with serving.  Crew vary with the size of the yacht. Selecting the right Captain and Crew team is vital to your sailing vacation.

Yacht Charter Cuisine:

Barrington-Hall mails you a five page food and bar preference sheet with your contract.  You complete this preference sheet in as much detail as possible and then mail it back to our company, we hand this to the Captain who would call and introduce himself to you,  this is when your chef would address all your food and bar details.

We find this to be a most comforting phone call, because it is normally the first contact you have with your captain and personal chef.  So prior to your Caribbean sailing vacation you feel you have an idea of what your crew are like.

Your cuisine aspect of the charter industry is as important as selecting a magnificent restaurant, we carefully place quality decisions on cuisine and list chefs accordingly. Many of the cooks aboard have graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in New York or the Cordon Bleu in Paris, many have owned their own prestige restaurants, many are superb chefs.

One of the chefs aboard one vessel places so much emphasis on cuisine, that she did away with one en-suite cabin to create two kitchens. The reason is to prepare world class cuisine for their guests. This is one of our top vessels today. All chefs onboard prepare low cholesterol, fat free, low sugar, or any other special meal, or diet guests may request.  Your yacht cuisine is custom prepared exclusively for you.

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