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Caribbean Catamarans Yacht Charters

These Caribbean private catamarans deserves to be placed on pedestals, because over the last decade they have become the sailing vacation choice of many yacht charterers. We grade our teams, on gorgeous service, presentable happy professional captains-crew, and world class cuisine, the quality of their respective yachts, what water toys they carry on board, and how they provide gracious fun living for our clients. The slightest advantage they show above their competitors means the higher up the ratings they climb. To see some of the best Caribbean catamarans in the industry today please click on any of the links below.

Luxury Catamarans The second major decision after selecting your location for you yacht charter vacation, is what type of craft? The modern Caribbean catamarans are stable and spacious, which compliments the protected lagoons. The demand for these types of comfortable Caribbean catamarans has blown across the industry like a wild prairie fire burning out of control. The main reason is comfort, space, magnificent stability, privacy and elegance with equal cabins for all. The catamarans have single-handily taken the comfort level on the sea to a higher plain, more stable than sailboats and power yachts! With this combination you are assured of a magnificent vacation. No crowds, go wherever you like, when you like, no regimental times to stick to, you set the pace. Your charter broker is your original guide but your captain will execute your final plan.

Caribbean Catamarans Over 60 feet Caribbean Catamarans 50 - 59 feet Caribbean Catamarans under 50 feet
ZINGARA Yacht Charters
Start Date End Date Details
Mar 09, 2019Mar 17, 2019Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Mar 18, 2019Mar 22, 2019Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Mar 23, 2019Mar 31, 2019Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Apr 02, 2019Apr 10, 2019Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
May 18, 2019May 25, 2019Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Yacht Haven Grand
Jun 01, 2019Jun 08, 2019Booked: Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI to Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI
Jun 09, 2019Jun 22, 2019Unavailable: Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI to Tortola, Nanny Cay, BVI
Jun 23, 2019Jul 21, 2019Booked: Yacht Haven Grand to Grenada, St Georges
Dec 28, 2019Jan 04, 2020Booked: Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI* to Red Hook, St. Thomas, USVI*
Jun 10, 2020Jun 17, 2020Booked: St Thomas USVI to St Thomas USVI
High Rate:
47,100 USD per week
Low Rate:
40,740 USD per week
MCA Compliant: MCA Compliant
Rates are All Inclusive
Taxes, re-location fees, cruising permits and licenses may be extra. Please verify with clearing house.
Cruising Permit: Paid by Boat  Licenses: Paid by Boat
Seasonal/Individual Rates
 CurrencyTerms2 Pax3 Pax4 Pax5 Pax6 Pax7 Pax8 Pax9 Pax10 Pax
Winter 2018/2019US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) All Inclusive$42,800$42,800$42,800$42,800$42,800$45,400$45,900$48,600$49,100
Summer 2019US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) All Inclusive$42,800$42,800$42,800$42,800$42,800$45,400$45,900$48,600$49,100
Winter 2019/2020US Dollars(Caribbean Terms) All Inclusive$42,800$42,800$42,800$42,800$42,800$45,400$45,900$45,600$49,100

Additional Rate Details:
Christmas / New Years:
8 guests, 7 nights aboard: US$55,500
9 guests, 7 nights aboard: US$56,500
10 guests, 7 nights aboard: US$57,500

USVI pick/-up &/or drop-off +$350 each way pls

Spring Break/Easter Break - 7 March to 15 April - No charters under 6 nights please.

Charters outside the Virgins:
Regardless of whether or not a vessel may or may not include taxes in the vessel's listed charter fees for Virgin Islands charters, in general, no fees, port dues, nor taxes are included in the charter fee for any charter outside the Virgin Islands unless otherwise agreed.
Summer Base Port: BVI & Grenada
Summer Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands, Caribbean Leewards, Caribbean Windwards
Winter Base Port: Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVI
Winter Operating Area: Caribbean Virgin Islands, Caribbean Leewards
Location Details:
BVI for late October through into early July (and down island on request)
early July through October - Grenadines.

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